Manchester Half Marathon 2018

This was my third Half Marathon and was the main Half after the Sheffield HM, that I had intended to do well in. One kind Strider suggested that I should go through 2 Marathon plans to prepare for my spring Marathon. This, therefore, was in a middle of my first such plan. However, I had done extremely well and had gone various barriers of long distances to approx 22 miles. So after the Vale of York and Sheffield 10K, it was more of a consolidation and making sure that I was 100% ready for this particular race.

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Dronfield 10K 2018

Another weekend and another race goes by, and this time it was the Dronfield 10K on the 1st July. Now, this was the re-arranged race from 16th March, when it was postponed due to heavy snow. There was a massive contrast in weather, and it was reported to be around 25 degrees centigrade, so was not expecting many people trying to go for PB. Many people prefer cold weather conditions for racing, and the original date may have given us that, maybe next year.

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Training in Ramadhan 2018

In 2018, Ramadhan started on 17th May and ran till 15th June. I was always planned to run during this period, and try to take it easy, which meant that my fitness was good, and kept it consistent. With the fact I had 3 weekends after Ramadhan with significant running such as Small Park Big Run, Round Sheffield Run and the re-arranged Dronfield 10K; I had no choice but to continue running in Ramadhan.

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Neurocare HeadStart 10K

This was my first ever race in Ramadhan that took place on 20th May 2018 and had registered for this at the beginning of April, thinking that, the race should be not that difficult. Now, not have done any running in Ramadhan before, I wasn’t really sure how to go about with fluid intake or any energy levels that I would have on the race day. Up until a few days before, I was thinking of not taking part, and happy to part with my registration fee, to assist with the charity.

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