London Marathon 2019

Race Date: 28/04/2019
Location: London

This is one of those races that is on everyone’s bucket list if you’re a runner. I was very lucky, that I had the opportunity to race this, and was able to get in via a charity place. I knew a charity, that was created by one of my cousins, and asked to enter the charity ballot for London, and fortunately enough they got in, and then they ask me to represent them. I am forever grateful, that they gave me this opportunity.

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CRUK London Winter Run

Over the weekend, was my first race of 2018, where I was in the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run. It was my first race outside of South Yorkshire and on a potential flat PB course. The event is well organised and was in its fourth year as an event. With 20,500 people expected and a sold-out event, the race times were different depending on individuals time targets specified at registration. What this meant was that my allocated time was 10:18, for my estimated time, which was around 1 hour. I entered this race before I ran Percy Pud, so didn’t think I could get below the 1-hour barrier.

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