2018 Charity Campaign

As most of you are aware, my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in December 2016, It was a lengthy treatment of Chemotherapy, and I would never wish anything like this for anyone.

As everyone knows, this means a lot to me. As you can understand Cancer is an illness that can kill, fortunately for my Mum, she had one of those that had treatment and a cure, and she was able to get cured. First of all, it wouldn’t have happened without the will of Allah(God), but there has to be a way of it happening, and that was by the research of these institutions, so I am greatly thankful for their research, and that my mother is on the road of recovery. So anything that anyone can help would be greatly appreciated.

I used to run, when I was in London up until 2003, and then moved from London to Sheffield, and never continued running (citing the big hills in Sheffield as an excuse). I had always wanted to start again but just couldn’t get off my backside to start and making excuses of the hills. When my Mum was diagnosed, and with the fantastic care she got from the NHS and the Cancer treatment, I thought, I wanted to somehow give back. I thought I would come back, and run again, and raise monies for Cancer Research UK as part of a sponsored event at Sheffield 10K in September 2017. I re-started running in January 2017 and met my goal of £500, and my first race in September 2017.

Since then, I have run multiple races, with great folks from Steel City Striders. I have since then have come a long way in my training and fitness, and I have gone on a big campaign to raise monies again for Cancer Research UK. The events I have registered and or and am thinking to participate below, with some results already:

03/12/2017 — Percy Pud — 10K — DONE — 55:40
04/02/2018 — CRUK London Winter Run — 10K
18/03/2018 — Dronfield 10K
08/04/2018 — Sheffield Half Marathon
24/06/2018 — Round Sheffield Run — 20K
05/08/2018 — York 10K
23/09/2018 — Sheffield 10K
14/10/2018 — Manchester Half Marathon
04/11/2018 — Leeds Abbey Dash — 10K
04/12/2018 — Percy Pud — 10K

I want to thank all the great people at Steel City Striders of making me welcome to the running club, and the people have given me great advice over the past 6 months, which I hope can continue on in the future

Wish me luck and I would really appreciate your support and sponsor what you can!


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