Istanbul HM 2019

Race Date: 07/04/2019
Location: Istanbul

This was my first race overseas, hoping to combine a holiday with a race. I was in the process of booking my holiday to Istanbul, and by chance, someone mentioned this HM to me. It was to happen 2 days after I was potentially to come back from holiday. I then decided to shift my holiday by 2 days to incorporate the race, and therefore transfer Dronfield 10K to someone else.

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One year on

It’s been almost a year since I officially joined the Steel City Striders (SCS) training run. If you have been keeping up with my blog over the year, you would have witnessed some of the ups and the downs of my running in the past year. In this post, I wanted to reflect on the things I have learnt this year, and if anything I would do differently. Finally will look at what my targets for the upcoming year

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