The wonders of gitlab

This is probably my first proper blog post, so here goes.

Over the last few years, I have accumulated many git and svn repositories for work and personal projects, and have always looked for a web GUI, and source code management, that all fitted nicely. In this time I have used SVN with webdav, and websvn which worked really well, but unfortunately died to death, as multi-user integration wasn’t there, and therefore colleagues in my team could not effectively contribute to the projects.

Many months later, I discovered git, due to my exploits of android development, and started using gitorious, and again this was great at the time, not knowing any different. When I started working with CyanogenMod, I got introduced to github, where the whole project was being hosted. This is where most of my projects were hosted with respected to android. On the other end, my company projects were hosted privately using gitweb, git-daemon and ssh on a local server in our offices.

I was introduced to gitlab, from one of my customers, which was the best of both worlds, which had similar interface to github, and had all the requirements that we needed at our business; this also create a platform for me to create a service for my personal projects. I now have implemented it personally for my own projects, and for my work. This has now created a collaboration, that I would not have seen before in my company.

The main features that have attracted to me are the management of the repositories, and the ease of importing from other projects. The UI is readily changing, and new features being added by the community. The ease of upgrade is incredible, I have managed to go from 6.0 to all the way 6.5.1, and even in production, I have used some of the development branches without any problems.

The current features that I am looking at currently is mainly doing documentation in markdown, and managing it all through git.

I will have another update on this in the coming months of how it is going.

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