Training in Ramadhan 2018

In 2018, Ramadhan started on 17th May and ran till 15th June. I was always planned to run during this period, and try to take it easy, which meant that my fitness was good, and kept it consistent. With the fact I had 3 weekends after Ramadhan with significant running such as Small Park Big Run, Round Sheffield Run and the re-arranged Dronfield 10K; I had no choice but to continue running in Ramadhan.

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Neurocare HeadStart 10K

This was my first ever race in Ramadhan that took place on 20th May 2018 and had registered for this at the beginning of April, thinking that, the race should be not that difficult. Now, not have done any running in Ramadhan before, I wasn’t really sure how to go about with fluid intake or any energy levels that I would have on the race day. Up until a few days before, I was thinking of not taking part, and happy to part with my registration fee, to assist with the charity.

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Sheffield Half Marathon 2018

Over the weekend, was my first ever Half Marathon, where I was in the Sheffield Half Marathon, run by Run for All. I had registered for this event in September 2017. The event is always well organised, emails and guides from on regular basis.

So my training, in essence, started in October, and the training really started to bump up in January going from 10 miles a week to approx 20 miles a week. This was helped by joining the so call daft’o’clock crew organised as a social run by Steel City Striders on Saturday mornings at 7am. This helped me to really push myself in the distance and managed to do 10mles, 13.2, 14 and 15 miles. I also did a few solo long distances 12 miles and 13.2 miles. So after doing these distance, I thought I would be in fantastic shape for the race

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CRUK London Winter Run

Over the weekend, was my first race of 2018, where I was in the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run. It was my first race outside of South Yorkshire and on a potential flat PB course. The event is well organised and was in its fourth year as an event. With 20,500 people expected and a sold-out event, the race times were different depending on individuals time targets specified at registration. What this meant was that my allocated time was 10:18, for my estimated time, which was around 1 hour. I entered this race before I ran Percy Pud, so didn’t think I could get below the 1-hour barrier.

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Long time no see !!!

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog (almost 4 years, WOW!!!)

A lot of things have changed at work and personal life, and there’s a lot to talk about. The key things in this post is about catching up where I have been

Hopefully, you’ll see more from me, over the next few weeks and months, especially rounding up the new technology I have been working on, and also something, I have taken up in my personal life too.

OpenStack Lab2 — Part 1: Packstack

For those people following my blogs, you would’ve had an all-in-one install all up and running by now; but now we are going to start afresh. We are going to have a fresh system as explained in my first post, with all the relevant RDO packages installed, and we have all the repositories enabled. Now this installation will be for the foreseeable future, so we won’t need to re-install our OpenStack machine.

This post is going to be quite intensive, such that we are going to try and get to the same stage that we finished in the previous post, but with extra compute nodes in mind.

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OpenStack Lab — Part 3: Networking all-in-one

Welcome to the third part of the series of the blog, today we are going to look at installing and configuring OpenStack networking which will allow us to assign a floating IP to the VM created a in the previous post, and then we should be able to ping and SSH to the instance.

You will need to have your system up to the stage where all the RPMs, repositories, and base config of the system is configured, with one instance up, and available. If in doubt, follow Parts 1 and 2 of the series.

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